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Frequently asked questions

Whether you own a banana farming business or a cattle farm, agricultural finance helps with any kind of loan related to farming. This can include rural property loans, agribusiness loans, equipment, livestock, seasonal once-off loans, and most types of farm-related commodities.

Finding a farm broker that’s trustworthy can be tricky, especially if they don’t have history of proven success. When you find an agribroker, ask them about relevant any success stories, case studies, testimonials of people who have succesfully got the loan they wanted through that broker. Not all loans are made equal and neither are brokers. So it’s best to be cautious (as we’re sure you already are) with people who are going to make financial recommendations for you.

We offer everything from specialty farm loans to seasonal financing. If you’re unsure about the type of agribroker loan you need for your farm, book in for a FREE no-obligation strategy session someone from the Aglend team.

Yes! We’ve been providing farm loans for new farmers in Australia for over a decade. If you’re just starting out, you couldn’t have come to a better place. We’ll find you the best deals so that you can have fewer repayments at the lowest interest possible. We’re invested in your long-term success, and that means not sabotaging you for short-term gains.

Not just banks! We also source hundreds of contacts that we’ve built up over 30 years. These include are private funds, property investors, and private lenders.