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Should I use a Mortgage Broker

If you’re thinking about a mortgage loan, you’re probably wondering whether you should go with a mortgage broker or a direct lender. Well, we’re here to help you understand the advantages of choosing mortgage brokers over direct lenders.

Over the last decade, mortgage brokers have increasingly become competitors of big banks. A mortgage broker acts as a lending coach who works in the borrower’s best interests. They have access to a variety of mortgage products to help you get the best interest rates possible. Instead of offering their own loan product, they research a variety of mortgage packages, helping you to choose what’s best for you.

The 3 Main Advantages of Going with a Mortgage Broker

There are many benefits to choosing a mortgage broker to coach you through choosing a mortgage product versus going with a direct lender. Here are the three main advantages of mortgage brokers:    * Save You Time – A mortgage broker can help you save time by putting together a package of mortgage choices for you. Instead of you researching the various products available to you, they do the research for you.    * Less Effort On Your Part – For a first home purchase or when purchasing an investment property, understanding the different mortgage packages can be very difficult. It can also be frustrating for distressed homebuyers looking for an affordable mortgage refinance product. Mortgage brokers help locate the right package for you based on the various lending criteria.    * Save You Money – Different mortgage products come with different finance interest rates and fees. Your mortgage broker works to find the best deal for you to ensure that your mortgage products meets all of your needs.

Expert Mortgage Product Access

An expert mortgage broker has access to all of the products being offered by various lenders. Their goal is to research all of these products and give you a detailed report of the best one for you. They will coach you to help you choose the best mortgage product based on your needs and criteria. Unlike direct lenders, mortgage brokers take the time to sit down and explain why the product they have chosen for you is the best choice.

Whether your loan is for a first home purchase, purchasing an investment property or a refinance, you need someone you can trust. A Mortgage broker works for you, not the big banks. Contact AgLend to get started finding your mortgage product today.

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