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Agribusiness loans for every stage in your rural business. Our hyper-personalised service means funding solutions that achieve your goals sooner.

Acquire farm business finance at every stage of your operations.

As a farm operator, you want your venture to stay ahead of the competition, create new markets and drive profits. Sustainability is on top of your plan. But so is growth. For that, you need to tailor Agriloan that complements your cash flow and provides ample legroom for experimentation, calculated risks and well-executed innovation.


From line of credit to Agri loans, we'll deliver the finance you need.

Our experts appreciate the rationale and understand the logistics behind your business plan. Whether you need a line of credit for seasonal funding requirements, agribusiness finance to help you lay the groundwork for your first farm business, or commercial bills and term loans to expand your dairy operations, Aglend Finance has the technical expertise to deliver the exact financial support you need, and a legacy of client satisfaction that guarantees your success.

Agribusiness farmers who didn’t accept defeat and found the best ag lenders with Aglend Finance.

Farmers and graziers are some of the most hardworking people in Australia. They handle the most important job of growing our food, but often face difficulties like being rejected by lenders who hold them back. It’s a tough but rewarding life, and there are many farmers who don’t accept defeat. These are the true stories of farmers who didn’t give up on their goals, and beat the odds by partnering with Aglend.


Not sure what type of agriculture business loan you need?

Equipment and machinery makes farm work easier, operations smoother, and profits bigger. But they rarely come cheap. That’s why Aglend Finance sources the most attractive loan rates and the friendliest farm equipment financing options for clients who wish to take their farm business to the next level.

Acquiring the right loan for cattle farming, sheep raising, or your poultry business can be the tipping point your livestock venture needs to transition into a sustained commercial success. We build streamlined livestock packages for each of your business goals.

Whether you need a more powerful harvester to replace an old one or dream of owning your first tractor to do the heavy lifting on your new farm, we’ll structure the right plant and equipment finance package that fits your unique situation.

Specialists at Aglend Finance ensure that you receive agricultural finance services more quickly and easily than you may have typically experienced with conventional banks. We also structure loans so that credit terms minimise your risk and align well with your cashflow.

Hear how others secured the right agribusiness lending for their needs.

Andrew & Caroline
Rural Land
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Our dreams of moving to a rural block were repeatedly dashed by banks seemingly uninterested in anything other than residential lending. Tim's knowledge of the industry and willingness to undertake the necessary prep made all the difference. Marieta was our day-to-day contact and drove the process right to the day of settlement. An outstanding outcome for us and without them it would not have happened.
Mark S
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Thanks guys! It has been a big job and it was particularly timely that we could settle the refinance. Thanks for the advice during this process and the new bank was a great fit to us and we can now move on in a positive manner with certainty. Thanks again. The savings to us is something like $500 a day which is incredible. Great effort.
Kerry P
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Thank you for all your hard work. It was a bit of a challenge but you did it again! We appreciate what a fantastic job you and your team have done once again. You have achieved so much for us so thank you very much. We look forward to working with you again soon with our next step closer to the security we have been striving for.
Farm Loan
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Hi Marieta and Tim. I just wanted to send a separate email thanking you for all your help. I was struggling with my current bank until I got you both involved. My farm loan was certainly much easier once you were on board and I am very relieved that everything is now settled.
Kelly and Ben
Rural Property Finance
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We will definitely recommend you and Tim and I am very grateful that I found your website as I thought at one stage that Ben and I couldn't purchase a property of this size. It is absolutely beautiful here so you have helped us purchase our dream home! It was a long one but got there in the end and we are very happy with our purchase.

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