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AgLend has decades of collective industry experience, vast credit networks, and a soft spot for people who love growing things. Our team includes seasoned agribusiness consultants and financial experts who know how to cultivate value: both on our own farms and on the asset columns of our customers.


We match common financing needs with the best offerings in Australia’s banking system.

Add Your Heading Text HereWhen conventional credit facilities lack the flexibility you need, our network of proven private lenders can lift you out of a bad situation or help sustain the profitability of your business.

We formulate custom solutions to unique funding challenges, yielding consistent success for our clients where other finance brokers and credit sources fail. We examine your needs from every angle, because your happiness tops our checklist.

agribusiness with Aglend


Success in agriculture takes a lot more than sun, rain and land. You need bridge funds to support operations in lean times. You need smart agribusiness finance to hike profits when seasons are particularly good. And when market opportunities arise, you need a credit partner who will help you purchase additional equipment or acquire new business assets.

aglend offers commercial finance


As a business operator, you want your venture to stay ahead of the competition, create new markets and drive profits. Sustainability is on top of your agenda. But so is growth. For that, you need tailored rural business loans that complement your cashflow and provide ample legroom for experimentation, calculated risks and well-executed innovation.

Livestock finance with Aglend


Shrewd cashflow management and smart financing will help you turn your livestock business into a sustained commercial success. Acquiring the right loan for cattle farming, sheep raising, or your poultry business can be the tipping point your livestock venture needs to transition into a sustained commercial success.

we know the importance of equipment finance


Equipment and machinery makes farm work easier, operations smoother, and profits bigger. But they rarely come cheap. That’s why AgLend Finance sources the most attractive loan rates and the friendliest farm equipment financing options for clients who wish to take their farm business to the next level.

rural property finance with aglend


We help make country living sustainable because we know how deeply attached to the landscape people can be. Nature has a way of beguiling people just as much as it has a way of providing what they need. There are lean seasons though, and going through one is part of the rural way of life.

private farm loans with aglend


It takes a while to understand the financial journey of each rural borrower. And a lifetime to develop the required expertise in crafting streamlined solutions to their unique problems. Fortunately, AgLend has decades of collective industry experience and a genuine connection to rural households, agricultural communities, and farm-based enterprises.

Questions we get asked about Agrilending.

Whether you own a banana farming business or a cattle farm, agricultural finance helps with any kind of loan related to farming. This can include rural property loans, agribusiness loans, equipment, livestock, seasonal once-off loans, and most types of farm-related commodities.

Finding a farm broker that’s trustworthy can be tricky, especially if they don’t have history of proven success. When you find an agribroker, ask them about relevant any success stories, case studies, testimonials of people who have succesfully got the loan they wanted through that broker. Not all loans are made equal and neither are brokers. So it’s best to be cautious (as we’re sure you already are) with people who are going to make financial recommendations for you.

We offer everything from specialty farm loans to seasonal financing. If you’re unsure about the type of agribroker loan you need for your farm, book in for a FREE no-obligation strategy session someone from the Aglend team.

Yes! We’ve been providing farm loans for new farmers in Australia for over a decade. If you’re just starting out, you couldn’t have come to a better place. We’ll find you the best deals so that you can have fewer repayments at the lowest interest possible. We’re invested in your long-term success, and that means not sabotaging you for short-term gains.

Not just banks! We also source hundreds of contacts that we’ve built up over 30 years. These include are private funds, property investors, and private lenders.