Rural Property Finance

Work, live and thrive on the land you love.

We help make country living sustainable because we know how deeply attached to the landscape people can be. Nature has a way of beguiling people just as much as it has a way of providing what they need. There are lean seasons though, and going through one is part of the rural way of life.

We’re coming along for the ride. Aglend Finance ensures that you minimize losses when the climate is gloomy and maximize opportunities when the market is humming. That you readily acquire the right hobby farm loans when you need repairs, or the right rural property finance package to expand your acreage. 

After all, our range of tailored loan facilities lets you win in any weather. Hundreds of households and businesses in rural communities depend on our vast credit network across Australia. Our experts structure short term and long-term loans to match your need when times are tough. They also build growth financing to drive your vision amid a windfall.

So talk to us when your homestead needs tailored hobby farm loans to get through a bad season. Or when your dairy farm is ripe for an upgrade. Whether you need a rural home property loan, working capital, a line of credit, or seasonal financing, we will find the facility for you — at the friendliest rates in the market.