Private Farm Loans

When conventional lenders count you out, we’ll take you in.

It takes a while to understand the financial journey of each rural borrower. And a lifetime to develop the required expertise in crafting streamlined solutions to their unique problems. Fortunately, AgLend has decades of collective industry experience and a genuine connection to rural households, agricultural communities, and farm-based enterprises.

So we made it our mantra to hear each borrower out. To examine your needs and challenges from every angle. Even when other banks, loan brokers and financing companies have already turned their backs.   

We know the pain of trying to hurdle each eligibility test banks demand before agreeing to extend a loan. Maybe you’ve had defaults, lack some financial documents, or have scored low in conventional credit assessments.

We’ll take a second look, nonetheless. You can discuss your complex situation and we will listen with the respect and urgency you deserve. With complete confidentiality, we’ll advise you on how to move forward, and maybe even structure a quick private farm loan to keep your head above water. 

Because our nationwide credit network extends beyond banks, we can match your needs with credit unions, building societies and even private investors who believe your problem can be worked out. We arrange private farm loans and private mortgages in cases where property owners are willing to work with you to finance land and other assets.

With AgLend, you can explore other non-traditional credit solutions — such as no doc/low doc loans and second mortgage loans — that might just help you weather a serious trough in your rural business.

We pride ourselves in building ingenious solutions to complex financial problems. But what really makes us happy is giving everyone a second chance to succeed.