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Machinery Finance

Machines help you build a profitable future. Our job is to help you get them.

Comparing leading banks & private lenders

Sourcing competitive machinery finance, from trucks to excavators.

One of the most powerful ways to increase profitability is by investing in reliable tools and machinery to help you run and scale your company more efficiently to maximise output. We have strong connections with most major banks and private commercial lenders to find you the perfect loan for your needs. We help both small-scale operations and larger companies expand their assets.


Tailored business machinery loans for industrial and more.

Without the necessary funds, you may be unable to serve your customers with products of the highest quality and suffer a loss in both reputation and revenue over time. Get access to state-of-the-art plant equipment for manufacturing, heavy industrial machinery for mines, and vehicles for transport companies. Aglend’s commercial machinery loans help you find the best rate loans for your particular equipment requests. 

Heavy machinery finance for serious commercial business growth.

Andrew & Caroline
Rural Land
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Our dreams of moving to a rural block were repeatedly dashed by banks seemingly uninterested in anything other than residential lending. Tim's knowledge of the industry and willingness to undertake the necessary prep made all the difference. Marieta was our day-to-day contact and drove the process right to the day of settlement. An outstanding outcome for us and without them it would not have happened.
Mark S
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Thanks guys!It has been a big job and it was particularly timely that we could settle the refinance.Thanks for the advice during this process and the new bank was a great fit to us and we can now move on in a positive manner with certainty.Thanks again. The savings to us is something like $500 a day which is incredible.Great effort.
Kerry P
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Thank you for all your hard work. It was a bit of a challenge but you did it again!We appreciate what a fantastic job you and your team have done once again.You have achieved so much for us so thank you very much.We look forward to working with you again soon with our next step closer to the security we have been striving for.
Farm Loan
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Hi Marieta and Tim. I just wanted to send a separate email thanking you for all your help. I was struggling with my current bank until I got you both involved. My farm loan was certainly much easier once you were on board and I am very relieved that everything is now settled.
Kelly and Ben
Rural Property Finance
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We will definitely recommend you and Tim and I am very grateful that I found your website as I thought at one stage that Ben and I couldn't purchase a property of this size. It is absolutely beautiful here so you have helped us purchase our dream home!It was a long one but got there in the end and we are very happy with our purchase.
Jack Pearlman
Property Finance
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Tim and his team are highly approachable, understanding and thorough in their work, it's been a pleasure working together and we would highly recommend the Aglend Finance team to anyone looking to not only receive a more favorable finance deal but to simplify and streamline some of the financial backend work that comes with property acquisitions.
Jess Ellis
Loan Support
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Thank you Aglend for the responsive approach you have provided throughout the loan process. It has been a pleasure working with you. Jessica from Biodiversity Land.

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Our business machinery loans experts will help you find and settle your machinery finance. You can reach out to us by phone or filling in our web form and we’ll get back to you via email.