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Farm Finance

Financing Your Farm

Farming has always been vital and is increasingly so as the population rises and people seek fresher and more nutritious food. With the right financing, a farmer can maximize efficiency and production, but financing is a significant challenge for many farmers.

Acquiring loans often require both collateral and a degree of financial knowledge, while farm finance products for small rural farmers require a degree of expertise that many banks lack.

The team of experts at Aglend possess decades of combined expertise in both finance and agriculture to fill the gap between bankers and farmers. We can help you find a farm finance option with flexible repayment terms tied to crop cycles and can walk you through the process of securing the financing, including completing paperwork.

We make it our mission to know all we can about the financing options available to our agricultural clients and to get to know our clients and their unique challenges. We can help you secure financing at every stage of your farm. Whether you’re just starting your farm, you need funding to meet day-to-day operating expenses, or you want to acquire equipment finance, livestock finance, or land so you can expand, we can help.

Let us help you handle financing your business, so you can focus on what you do best, running your farm. Even after you have secured financing, we provide ongoing support to help you continue to manage your financial needs.

Unlike traditional lenders, many of whom have little knowledge of farming or agriculture, we understand the seasonal nature of your industry and can help you find solutions to finance planting, equipment, livestock, and more. We’ll take the hassle out of dealing with the banks and the paperwork.

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