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What is the best time to apply for a farm loan?

It’s a no-nonsense answer. The best time to apply for a farm loan is before you file your tax return! When your CPA’s and tax planners get into your finances they will start strategising, meaning they will explore opportunities to carry over income into the forthcoming year, hold back expenses in the current year, and other strategies to reduce your taxable income thereby reducing your tax liability.

However, while your Accountant is helping you save money by paying lower taxes they can also be making it harder for you to get money. For your banker income is a key component in qualifying for a new loan.  By reporting higher income, you become eligible to access greater amounts of credit with lower interest rates.  Some tax strategies used to reduce your income can decrease your chances to secure financing for your operation or even lower your interest expenses.  This is why the best time to apply for a loan is before the tax season.

Your team at Aglend Finance understands how important this balance is and offers an in-depth analysis of your finances. We will provide you with an analysis of income and expense reports and financial statements to help you better position your operation for stability and future growth. The analysis we provide will help you recognise the right loan for your needs.

When conventional credit facilities lack the flexibility you need, our network of private lenders, agribusiness consultants, financial experts and regional banks will lift you out of a bad situation or help sustain the profitability of your business.

We formulate custom solutions to unique funding challenges, yielding consistent success for our clients where other finance brokers and credit sources fail. So please don’t hesitate to call Aglend Finance for help in securing the best rates available for your farm loan.

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