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Rejected by banks, young couple finally gets financing for mango farm business

The challenge:

A young couple with a farming heritage wanted to purchase a 93-acre fruit farm, but lenders consistently turned down their loan applications.

The outcome:

Aglend stepped in to manage the application process and successfully facilitated a package allowing the couple to launch their mango farm business.

A young couple who grew up on a farm planned to acquire a million-dollar mango farm business in North Queensland. The 93-acre irrigated fruit farm has a thousand mango trees, 500 lime trees and 500 passion fruit trees.

The fruit farm represented a dream property for the two second-generation farmers. But every bank and lender they talked to turned down their loan applications. Except for Aglend Finance, who understood their heritage and the burning drive to own, cultivate, and nurture their very first mango farm business.

So Aglend successfully negotiated the walk-in walk-out purchase via a rural business loan. But that’s not all. Through Aglend’s vast credit network, the young couple – who have experienced a string of rejections from several banks – was also able to refinance another investment home.

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