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Gritty Gold Coast woman proves life can be great even after marriage

The challenge:

Faced with a marriage gone wrong and three children, one requiring special care, a determined woman seeks help running the family business alone.

The outcome:

A formidable woman only needs the right network to see her potential and invest in her success. Aglend sourced a non-bank lender to keep the woman’s motel business humming.

A couple co-owned and operated an 8-room motel business on the Gold Coast.

Like the beaches, nightlife, and theme parks that attract countless surfers and tourists to the bustling city, the couple’s marriage often seemed like a dizzying rollercoaster ride or the inevitable crash of large swells that make rugged shore rocks froth in excitement.

But unlike the city’s attractions and the experience of tourists, the couple’s marriage did not feel like a fairy tale. 

Neither did it end up like one where all lived happily ever after. The marriage broke down, leaving the woman alone to manage the business and raise three kids, one of whom needed special attention.

Resilient as the client was, she didn’t need a hero but just an opportunity to get things in order. Or perhaps something that can see beyond her present situation to focus on her strengths as an entrepreneur.

Fortunately, she approached Aglend Finance, who brought in a second-tier (i.e., non-bank) lender to consolidate her debts into one loan account that covered:

  1. the payout to her ex-husband granting her sole ownership of the business, 
  2. all outstanding balances with the Australian Taxation Office, and 
  3. all rate arrears. 

Moreover, the interest rate and associated fees were perfectly aligned with risk assessment, with the lender collaborating with Aglend and the client throughout the process.

The move made life much easier for the client. Working with Aglend relieved the tough lady of energy-sapping stress. It gave her a fair shot at improving the profitability of her 8-room motel business.

In some sense, the successful outcome makes you think fairy tales can happen in real life.

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