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Farming equipment manufacturer teams up with AgLend to provide clients with solid financing support

The challenge:

A top silo and agricultural equipment manufacturer wants to help its customers obtain loans to purchase its products but doesn’t want to set up its own financing arm.

The outcome:

The silo maker partnered with Aglend to find its clients’ best equipment financing deals.

An Australian manufacturer of premium silos wanted to provide lending support for its customers but did not want to set up its own financing arm.

Aware of Aglend’s solid industry reputation, the silo manufacturer reached out and partnered with Aglend Finance to source and process the best equipment financing packages for its clients.

The match was made in heaven. The long-term partnership continues to yield big wins for the equipment maker, Aglend, and most importantly, for farmers and agribusiness owners who need to acquire equipment for their ventures under the most favourable financing terms.

As the premium silo maker grew its business, Aglend stayed throughout the journey, playing an active role in the expansion. 

The silo manufacturer eventually broadened its product line to cover all stages of the farming process — from harvest silos at one end to sorting and quality control systems at the other. 

Aglend continues to source and process finance facilities for all items in the product line.

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