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2 Western Australians turn logistical nightmare into sugar farming success story

The challenge:

A banker from Western Australia and his fresh fruit and vegetable associate wanted to launch a small cropping venture. However, the partners encountered major financing and operational roadblocks that stalled their startup plan.

The outcome:

Aglend successfully acquired several loans to launch the borrowers’ business and provided assistance in meeting regulatory standards.

This is not your typical sugar-farming success story. 

A banker from Western Australia and his associate — a fresh fruit and vegetable wholesaler — wanted to purchase an irrigated sugarcane farm in North Queensland to launch their own small cropping venture.

Neither has ever run a viable small-crop farm before. The contract also included outdated farming equipment and water licenses.

To spare them from the logistical nightmare, Aglend Finance brought in specialists with strong agribusiness knowledge who could help streamline the process.

By trusting Aglend Finance’s specialty in small crop finance, the clients successfully achieved these business milestones:

  1. Acquired working capital to help fund startup costs such as planting.
  2. Negotiated equipment financing to purchase the proper farming equipment.
  3. Performed due diligence related to soil tests and water licenses.

In the end, the clients realised that having trusted industry insiders on your side helps you acquire small crop financing faster and eases the pain of starting a rural business.

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