Thanks to private funding, desperate Darling Downs farmer settles family disputes and solves row with major bank


A small farm operator who has fallen on hard times urgently requires funds to settle family matters and solve a payout dispute with a major bank.


AgLend worked out a sustainable solution with a non-conforming lender, successfully helping the client keep his farm via private funding. 

A small hobby farmer and self-employed agricultural contractor in the Darling Downs had fallen on hard times. Making matters worse, he had a pending family dispute to settle while his bank — a major industry player — demanded a resolution concerning his outstanding debts. Strained relationships and the painful possibility of losing his farm loomed on the horizon.    

The struggling farmer badly needed a strong dose of timely assistance.

AgLend came to the rescue. The rural solutions provider sat with the desperate farmer who shared his dire situation: The farmer owned a blue-chip property with water license, something he wasn’t willing to sell at any cost. The farmer — who also work as an agricultural contractor — had already sold some of his properties to fix his financial problems before meeting with AgLend.     

Formulating a viable bailout strategy for the client, AgLend Finance sourced a speedy and affordable solution that will allow the client to keep his farm. AgLend liaised with the major bank, several creditors, a new private lender, and other parties and their solicitors to complete the successful transaction.   

Through private funding, Aglend helped the client —

  1. Facilitate a full debt payout with the major bank
  2. Settle family disputes
  3. Consolidate smaller personal debts

All completed in a timely manner.

Moving forward, AgLend Finance will continue to assist the client until his credit profile realigns with traditional lending requirements.

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