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Meet the Team

Our offices are in Brisbane, Goondiwindi, Toowoomba and Proserpine but our clients come from all across Australia. With a combined experience of more than 80 years, our staff and consultants tend to listen more than talk. After all, we’ve known long ago that understanding what a client really needs is the first step in building a solution that really works.

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Managing Director


Tim serves as AgLend’s managing director. With a background that spans a broad spectrum of business and finance, he leads the company’s daily operations and demands first-class treatment for every client.

After earning diplomas and certifications in financial planning and business management,  Tim launched a sterling career that includes short stints in banking and a management consultancy firm in London. In 2001, Tim blazed his own trail as an entrepreneur and established a company that specialised in real estate investment and private capital lending. His ridiculously unflappable will and keen understanding of business strategy eventually transitioned that company from its humble beginnings in Goondiwindi into a national hub for rural loans and agricultural finance.

Tim puts a high premium on relationships, places trust and ethical practices at the core of everything, and hinges AgLend’s success on the success of its customers. Like many of his clients, he enjoys country living, when visiting his family farm in the fertile landscape of the Darling Downs


Finance Manager


Marieta’s family own several farms near Goondiwindi. That background certainly helps her build genuine rapport and deep empathy with rural loan borrowers. But it is her superior expertise at financial analysis and credit management that makes her especially valuable to AgLend and its customers.

Expect Marieta to hear your story, craft sustainable business models that align well with your dreams, and find the perfect credit facility to make it all happen. As our in-house credit assessment manager, Marieta’s primary role is to evaluate your application, judge its merits, and identify weak points. She’ll come up with a better alternative whenever necessary and surprise you why no one ever thought of structuring your application that way before.     

We’re with you. We’ve long known about Marieta’s keen financial insight, given her banking experience of around 40 years that included responsibilities as commercial credit manager. Nonetheless, Marieta still manages to surprise us every now and then.


Finance Consultant


If you’re anywhere near Proserpine, then Karlene is the person to chat with. Karlene helps run AgLend’s office in Queensland’s friendliest town, drawing on nearly two decades of banking experience that includes service as branch manager. Yes, she has the credentials but what really sets Karlene apart is her incredibly positive attitude.

People think she’s just too cheery. But we don’t mind. Because when clients go to her with complex financial problems some conventional banks deem hopeless, her enthusiasm and positive outlook always win the day. She simply won’t stop until she has flipped every obstruction on its head and customized a sustainable loan package with such pinpoint precision that it benefits both the lender and the borrower. Whether you’re applying for a home loan or wishing to acquire new equipment to ramp up your business, Karlene’s credit processing skills and sunny disposition will always help you take another step forward.