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Who we are

AgLend Finance enables people to take the small steps needed to seed their dreams, and the big moves required to grow their vision. Whether you wish to build a modest cottage away from urban noise, watch your own orchard change with the season, or acquire farm equipment to upscale your business, AgLend Finance will help you succeed in the promising but challenging worlds of homesteading and commercial agriculture.

Years of diligence and hundreds of happy, satisfied clients have turned us into experts in the field, your ultimate gateway to rural finance, farm loans and agribusiness consulting. We look at financing challenges from every angle to deliver only the best sustainable solutions for you. Our collective experience as agribusiness consultants, financial experts, credit managers and hobby farmers allows us to formulate the right custom packages for unique funding requirements. In addition to facilitating tailored loans, we help agricultural companies minimize risks and negotiate better debt payment terms.

Aglend celebrates the bounties of nature and loves people who tend the land. We are based in the farming communities of Queensland but our passion extends across Australia, supported by the vast networks we’ve built with regional and local banks, private lenders, rural financing institutions and other sources of credit. We’ll stay with you from initial contact to settlement and beyond, focused on helping you reach one success milestone after another.

What we can do for you

Australian banks play an important role in driving the economy and helping organisations grow their markets. However, large groups of clients remain underserved by conventional banks. Many of these clients include individuals, families, and small-to-medium scale companies who need funding for rural ventures.

At AgLend, you can expect to receive VIP treatment, whether you are a farm hand dreaming of establishing your own homestead or a regional agricultural producer looking to enter the global market. We improve upon outmoded banking practises by delivering a hyper-personalised service that allows us to seamlessly collaborate with clients and their accountants, solicitors and other professionals.

For banks, private lenders and other sources of funds, we provide value by expediting loan applications and processing via our own expert team of in-house credit assessors.

For borrowers, our longstanding relationships with multiple funding sources allows us to negotiate better interest rates, more sustainable terms, and lower fees compared to loans directly acquired from conventional banks. In many cases, we have also successfully accommodated borrowers who have been unfairly declined by these traditional lending units. See our private funding page to learn more about how AgLend can tap private investors to supply working, acquisition and trade capital to farmers who may have fallen on hard times.

Our vast credit networks, empathy with rural communities, and first-hand understanding of the unique needs of each borrower enable us to turn the key to client satisfaction and success. We’re here not only to bridge immediate needs but to provide strategic guidance for future growth.

Our Passion

We want you to thrive as you nurture Australia’s rich agricultural heritage.

Because our success depends on yours, we support every single customer with everything we have. We listen. Then we act. And our actions are backed by a robust understanding of the agribusiness sector, an extensive credit network, seasoned financial expertise, and a deep affinity with homesteaders, graziers, and farmers — from single-family ventures to large businesses serving the export market.     

We love our role in bridging the funding needs of customers with excellent sources of capital. But what really stokes our passion is the chance to walk each client through a journey of success. Hundreds of satisfied clients keep that passion burning.


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