Types of Loans For Agriculture


Agribusiness is a crucial part of the Australian way of life. It is the business of earning revenue through agriculture. Agribusiness-specialised financial institutions provide farmers with financial products, such as business loans, online banking access in rural areas, insurance and credit cards as well as some more specialised services. These financial products are tailored to […]

Lo Doc Farm Loans and Rural Properties


If you are looking for a loan for your rural property but you are not exactly keen on being buried with mountains of documentation, lo doc farm loans are your best friend. Let’s break it down. Lo Doc loans What is it? Also known as a “low-documentation loan,” it’s a loan that requires less documentation […]

How to compare Agricultural Finance Companies and Lenders


Agribusiness, just like other businesses, needs the support of loan and deposit products that aid the expansion, daily operation, and other initiatives. To compare agricultural finance companies and find the one best suited to help your agribusiness grow you need to pay attention to a couple of things. Specialist Financial Products In addition to the […]

How to finance a rural property

Rural property

If you are looking to improve, expand or start to develop a commercial farm or other rural property you should consider a little help in form of a commercial property loan. Your dream of a rustic lifestyle more in touch with nature could be financed with a loan specially crafted for your needs. Taking out […]

What is the best time to apply for a farm loan?


It’s a no-nonsense answer. The best time to apply for a farm loan is before you file your tax return! When your CPA’s and tax planners get into your finances they will start strategising, meaning they will explore opportunities to carry over income into the forthcoming year, hold back expenses in the current year, and […]

Rural home loans


If your dream life is away from all the city noise and you are trying to figure out how to make your dream a reality, a rural home loan might be the thing for you. Raising a family or spending your retirement in a smaller and safer environment with clean air and peaceful nights is […]

Can you borrow to grow your business?


If you’re self-employed or a small business owner, growing your business can be a challenge. You may find your expansion plans are frustrated by irregular cash-flow, insufficient or outdated equipment, or business premises that are just too small. Sometimes you may even find yourself missing out on opportunities because you simply don’t have the money […]

Agri Field Days


Trade shows and agri-field days are an excellent opportunity for Australian agricultural companies to share their products with farmers and other agribusinesses, and for farmers and agribusinesses to learn about new products that can help them grow. At the largest events, thousands of companies and individuals get the opportunity to share the latest developments in […]

Farm Finance


Financing Your Farm Farming has always been vital, and is increasingly so as population rises and people seek fresher and more nutritious food. With the right financing, a farmer can maximize efficiency and production, but financing is a significant challenge for many farmers. Acquiring loans often requires both collateral and a degree of financial knowledge, […]

Farm Business Concessional Loan Schemes


Media Release Interest rates drop for farm business concessional loan schemes 27 July 2015 Interest rates on loans across the Australian Government’s concessional loan schemes for farm businesses are set to fall on 1 August. Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, said the government was providing $250 million a year for the next 11 years through […]