Agribusiness LoansFinancing Your Agribusiness

To many people, agribusiness suggests farming, but it’s really much more than just farming. Agribusiness refers to everything from a small, family-owned hobby farm, to industrial operations, and even those businesses that cater to farms and those that process the what is grown on farms, whether food, textiles, or other products. Each of these businesses faces unique challenges related to supply, skilled labour, weather, and the unpredictable nature of markets. For all of these, challenges boil down to the ability to produce a saleable commodity, which is not always guaranteed. Specialized agribusiness loans are created to help you manage these challenges.
Because the agribusiness industry is critical to keeping the world fed and clothed, it needs to be backed by a lender familiar with these challenges and how they affect business. Aglend has several decades of combined experience in agribusiness loans and in finding the best financing products to meet the needs of agribusiness.
Seasonal finance – Cash flow in agribusiness fluctuates with the seasons. Seasonal finance options offer flexible repayment terms with payments that don’t leave you vulnerable during the downtimes.
Farm loan – Farm loans can help you get your farm established, help you grow, or just give you a little extra cushion during difficult times.
Livestock finance – Livestock loans can help with the costs of purchasing, feeding, and veterinary care for livestock. These loans are typically structured in a way that allows payments to be linked with expected sale dates.
Equipment finance – The right equipment can dramatically increase your productivity with much less effort. But farm equipment is expensive. The right financing package allows you to acquire the equipment you need afford-ably.
Farm management term deposit accounts – Term deposit accounts allow you to even out your cash flow over time, so you are less vulnerable to lean times. Deposit excess pre-tax income into an interest bearing account and use it when it’s needed.